I have quite a few eyeshadow pigments that are beautiful but I just never use them because they’re so messy and far more time consuming to use because of this (unless you want loose pigment all over your face, in which case just slap that bad boy on and go…). If you’re the same then this picture should get you a little bit over excited: Loose Pigment to Pressed Powder

This little DIY means that I can transform my loose pigments into solids, and now these beauties are actually getting used (and I’ve discovered a new favourite eyeshadow shade in the process). It’s so quick and easy that you’ll wonder why you haven’t done this before.

Empty eyeshadow / powder pans (I used this)
Rubbing alcohol (I used this)
Cocktail sticks (or cottons buds / Q-Tips with the cotton wool removed)
Cling film / tissues
Coins Items Required

STEP ONE: Pour some of your loose pigment / powder into the empty pan. Now carefully add some alcohol in to mix with the eyeshadow. I usually start by adding just a few drops, you can always add more later.  You just want it to be damp enough where you can stir it together and smooth it out. (I prefer not to fill the entire pan as it takes a really long time to dry so I  fill it halfway up, let it dry and then add a second “layer” to the pan.)

STEP TWO: Use a cocktail stick to stir the powder and alcohol together and then use your finger to smooth it out (you could use the back of a spoon if you don’t want to get your hands dirty…)

STEP THREE: Leave it dry for about an hour (this obviously depends on how much product you filled your pan with. If it is dry enough that you get powder when you run your finger over it then you’re good to go…) and then lay a piece of cling film or tissue over it and stack some coins on top, I find 2p pieces work well for eyeshadow pans, to “press” it down.  This helps compact the shadow making it more solid and less likely to give you excess product when you come to use it. Leave it overnight and boom! You’re done and have your pressed eyeshadow ready to use.

You could do this with any other powders –  next up, I’m going to get myself an empty blush palette and do the same with my loose face powders – they’ll get used far more often and be so much easier to travel with.  (This method would also work for fixing broken / smashed up powder compacts.)

Easy peasy, right?



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