2018 New Year

It’s been a good while since I’ve properly written on the blog but after an unexpected 2017, that at times seemed like it would only be filled with downs and the prospect of any ups being on the horizon seeming slim to none, I figured that if I ever wanted to get back into blogging jumping in head first and drafting up some posts would be a good place to start.

I’d like to write more travel posts – I’ve always considered myself lucky to have travelled the amount I have and I’d love to do some travel / destination guides to showcase some of my must visit places around the world that hopefully might help and inspire others – along with introducing some weightier think pieces on the blog and of course keeping my lighter style and beauty content too.

So here’s to a New Year, new beginnings and a hopefully newly invigorated zest for blogging (again)…


Five Things I Learnt In My First Year BloggingThis week marked a year since I started this little blog. I talked about some of the positives and negatives (mainly my own frustrations with myself) in this post when I got back into blogging after a little unplanned life-got-in-the-way hiatus.

While I still wish I could go back in time and not have that blog break, these things happen, and I’m still pretty pleased with what I’ve accomplished over the last twelve months and the main, really good thing is that this first year of blogging has taught me a few things that, no matter how many posts you might read beforehand, I just don’t think you properly appreciate until you start blogging.  Continue reading “FRIDAY FIVE: THINGS I LEARNT IN MY FIRST YEAR BLOGGING”