My skin has been dreadful lately. Like, so-dreadful-I-want-to-hide-my-face-from-the-world dreadful. A combination of being ill, being a bit stressed out, some hormonal spots and more than a few lazy nights where I haven’t properly taken off my make-up have played havoc with my skin. It’s so frustrating because a few months ago I was starting to feel a lot better about how my skin looked. Grrrrrrr.

Taking back control of my skin is currently underway and I’ve been reaching for my trusty Alpha H Liquid Gold over and over again. Acid toners are something I know I can always rely on to improve my skin and show quick results.

Here are my five favourites…

Favourite Acid Toners: Pixi Glow Tonic, Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner, Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion, Nip + Fav Glycolic Fix Night Pads, Alpha H Liquid Gold


  1. Pixi Glow Tonic, £18 › available here
  2. Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner, £15.50 › available here
  3. Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion, £ 16.50 › available here
  4. Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads, £14.95 › available here
  5. Alpha H Liquid Gold*, £40 › available here

*strictly speaking this isn’t classed as a toner, more as an overnight serum, but it looks and feels like a toner and I use it as one when my skin is at it’s worst, because I’m a little rebel


coffee-1284041_960_720Well, hello! I feel like I owe some kind of explanation as to why I disappeared from this little blog for what feels like forever the past two months.

Back at the end of June when I headed off the Greece I had a couple of posts scheduled to go up while I was away and fully intended to finish off a draft blog post when I was out there to keep to the blogging “schedule” I’d set myself. After managed to destroy my phone two days into the trip that never happened. When I returned, I ended up missing my ususal Friday post and then things kind of snowballed: I got a spider bite at the end of the holiday that made me pretty ill, then a whole bunch of things in the house seemed to decide to stop working simultaneously, I got sick again, some additional work commitments popped up and, you know, life got in the way. I’m currently typing this in bed after managing to pull some muscles in my back so it’s fair to say the last couple of months haven’t been awesome!

After a few weeks of not posting I really wanted to get back into it but it felt a little bit like when you have a friend and you haven’t called them for a while and then you start to think you’ve left it so long it would be almost embarrassing to call and the next thing you know months have passed and you still haven’t just picked up the phone? That. Plus, I felt really annoyed and frustrated with myself for missing posting – I had got to a point where I was feeling pretty proud of this little blog, had started to get some pretty decent stats (NOT the be all and end all of blogging I realise but still, it’s nice to feel like you’re not just talking to yourself!), had been emailed about a couple of really awesome opportunities thanks to the blog and just generally felt like there was starting to be a nice little community building with some awesome regular readers so not posting for so long made the idea of coming back feel a little awkward. Does that even make any sense? Hopefully it does!

Now, enough of the negativity – let’s catch up and focus on some of the positives that have happened over the last couple of months…

Instagram Summer Roundup

Greece was awesome, if we ignore the spider bite incident and we had the most amazing room with a pool all to ourselves and fantastic weather, I spent a weekend in gorgeous Northumberland for a friends hen-do, finally had a wood burner installed in the living room (just in time for summer!) which has been at the top of my wish list for ages now, had some lovely catch ups with family and friends over the summer and have a holiday booked for later in the year to the Caribbean which I’m super excited about.

So really, life is good. There are lots of lovely things happening and even though I’ve always been terrible at heaping pressure and negativity on myself if I think I’ve let someone down or not fulfilled something I have perceived as a commitment it’s time to just get on with things. I realised that I’ve actually really missed blogging, it’s something I enjoy doing so… I have some catching up to do but I’m ready to get back to regular, scheduled programming as they say. In short, I’m back.



As you read this I am hopefully sat, cocktail in hand, in some glorious sunshine – if not, I’m sulking big time and cursing the God’s of Greek Weather. Anyway, moving on…

Who doesn’t love a good mini product? They’re super cute, space saving and, did I mention, super cute? I am definitely one of those people who gets suckered into buying anything and everything in mini form for no other reason than I find it adorable but where mini’s come into their own is when you can get some of your favourite Holy Grail products in a handy miniature which is perfect for travel – whether to save space and weight in your bags or to meet that pesky 100ml liquids limit!

Here are five of my favourites- these are all favourite products that I use and talk about all the time but finding out they came in teeny travel sizes made for a little bit extra pre-holiday excitement for me…

Favourite Travel Beauty Miniatures

  1. Sachajuan Volume Shampoo 100ml, £10 › available here
  2. La Roche Posay Serozinc 50ml, RRP £4.50 currently £3.80 › available here
  3. Pixi Glow Tonic, £10 › available here
  4. Benefit Hoola Mini Bronzer, £9.95 › available here
  5. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water, £6.47 › available here

P.S – As I was typing this up, I realised that this is my 100th post! How has it been 100 posts already?! In celebration I’m going to have a little giveaway as a thank you for all the lovely support I’ve had – so keep your eyes peeled for my next post to enter.
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Packing 101: How Not To Overpack

I used to be the queen of over-packing. I was the girl at the airport with two suitcases jammed full. I used to think nothing of packing enough shoes so I had a different pair for each outfit, each day. Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore – after years and years of chronic over-packing,  I’m now one of those dreadful smug people who always seems to manage to take just the right amount of stuff away with her.

I realise this is one of those subjective things – what I consider the perfect amount for a holiday would also be excessive to some and horribly minimal to others so this isn’t a prescriptive list of what you SHOULD take on holiday. More some general tips that I always use to make sure I don’t end up lugging a bunch of stuff halfway round the world that doesn’t actually get used.  Continue reading


There’s something super satisfying about finding amazing beauty products that don’t cost the earth. Like most of us, I don’t have the budget to to only ever use high end products and to be honest, why bother when you can find great products that perform just as well for a fraction of the price tag? Today I’m sharing some of my old favourites and some newer discoveries.

Must Have Beauty Products Under £10 Continue reading


I talked last week about the items I’m hoping to scout out in Duty Free later this month. Today I thought I’d share my second wishlist – the essential repurchases that I always try to buy when I’m in Duty Free to save a few pennies on the products I know I’ll always use.

These are all products that would make any Holy Grail list of mine – I’ve been using them for years and can’t see them getting set aside anytime soon. They’re all amazing and I know I can rely on them to always work.

Duty Free Wishlist - The Repurchases

  1. MAC Pro Longwear Foundation, £25.50
  2. MAC Face & Body Foundation, £22
  3. Dior DIORSHOW Mascara, £25.50
  4. Benefit Hoola Bronzer, £23.50
  5. Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne, £85