I haven’t met a floor lamp I didn’t like… this is the rapid conclusion I’m coming to.

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A friend of mine recently asked me to help her hunt down a floor lamp for a dark and shadowy corner of her living room but, with a new baby recently arriving, one that wouldn’t break the bank. When it comes to floor lamps the options are endless, in every style imaginable, but the more stylish options are often on the pricey side. 

A good lamp can give a room some warmth and atmosphere and transform a corner of your home into a cosy spot that you can’t wait to relax in at the end of the day.

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Ambient lighting, particularly in a room that doesn’t get great natural light, is your friend. In the UK, when the weather is often gloomy and overcast for most of the year, it’s your BFF. Even more so, if you’re like me and live in fear of turning “The Big Light” on and prefer the softer, more diffused light from a side lamp.

Ambient lighting comes from lamps with fabric shades on them, opaque glass globes, basically any lamp that has some kind of shade on to diffuse the glare of the light bulb. Having a few of these types of lamps in every room helps to light the room in a way that provides a warm and soft glow – perfect for cosy evenings in.

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I have three or four floor lamps scattered about my house and I love them. They’re a perfect mix of form and function, providing the light I need whilst adding an almost sculptural element to the room. Because of this floor lamps are a great way to fill those ‘nothing’ spaces in your home like an awkward gap between a sofa and wall. Lighting these areas adds character and brings the room to life.

As I’ve lost several hours to this hunt for the perfect, affordable floor lamp I thought I’d share some of my favourites here.

Floor Lamps Under £100
1. Iconic Lights £57 | 2. Amazon £59.99 | 3. Argos £30
4 Asda £28 | 5 Ikea £45 | 6 Made £89
7 Aldi £49.99 | 8 ValueLights £29.99 | 9 Amazon £40
10 Home Lights Direct £49.99 | 11 Made £79 | 12 Iconic Lights £37
13 Made £99 | 14 Lighting Direct £80 | 15 Ikea £50
16 Amazon £59.99 | 17 Wayfair £58.99 | 18 Made £39
19 Aldi £19.99 | 20 Made £59 | 21 Iconic Lights £25

I’m a little obsessed with 1 and 13 but I’d love to hear if you have a favourite in the comments…


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