Here in the UK, this week is Mental Health Awareness week (16th – 22nd May) – something which I think is so important and not talked about anywhere near enough.

In the spirit of that, I wanted to share a few things that I have read / come across over the years and have really struck a chord with me – to remind me to be kinder and more compassionate to others AND to myself.

It seems we live in a world where we’re all so hyper-critical of ourselves and each other – our looks, our accomplishments, our life choices – people, especially on social media, can so often be cruel, unkind and judgemental and that makes me a little sad. We could all stand to be a little kinder.

Another persons accomplishments don’t need to be belittled to make our own matter. There is never a reason or excuse for someone to go out of their way to tell another person they are too ugly/fat/old/etc. And we really don’t need to be telling ourselves that we’re not good enough/smart enough/pretty enough.

We should be kind to others and kind to ourselves wherever possible., and as a much wiser man once said, it is always possible!


Travel bucket list - globeI’ve been doing a spot of online window browsing at holidays this week. I’m hoping to get away at some point next month – work schedules permitting. I’ll probably only be able to squeeze in a week away, maybe ten days if I’m lucky, and I’m not really looking for anything more than somewhere where I can get some sunshine and laze around reading a book with a cocktail in hand.

Sometimes you just want a holiday where you can be super lazy and relax, sometimes you want something with a lot more exploring and sightseeing so here are five of the places making my travel bucket list for when I’ve got a little more energy for some serious adventuring… Continue reading “FRIDAY FIVE: TRAVEL BUCKET LIST | SUNSHINE EDITION”


Bedside Beauty KitI like to keep a small stash of beauty essentials next to my bed for those evenings when I only realise once I’ve jumped into bed that I’ve forgotten to put on my moisturiser or the times when I’m too lazy to do my evening skincare routine. And when I say lazy, I mean “merry” at 2am, after getting in from a night out.

I’ve found that having this little kit means that on those nights when wine has convinced me that I really don’t need to clean my face that I at least make a perfunctory attempt at removing it, which isn’t ideal but is definitely better than the alternative – doing nothing and sleeping in a full face of make-up.

It’s also great for those things I often forget about – Continue reading “WHAT’S IN MY BEDSIDE BEAUTY KIT”