Spring Clean Your Beauty Stash

As the clocks went forward this weekend I decided this was the prime time to stop procrastinating and jump into some spring cleaning action. Yesterday I tackled my beauty collection because, tragically, the lotions and potions residing in our makeup and skincare stashes don’t last forever, and this was as good a time as any to give my beauty stash a thorough spring clean!

As a general rule if I’m trying to clean, de-clutter and organise any space I like to try to take everything out of it’s place and give the entire space a good clean so I removed everything from my drawers and on top of my dressing table and gave the entire space a thorough wipe down. I tend to use something like Dettol wipes for this because it’s just so much easier then running back and forth to the bathroom to rinse out a cleaning cloth. I also clean all of my containers, dividers and brush holders. Continue reading “HOW TO SPRING CLEAN YOUR BEAUTY STASH”


make-up storage inspiration
Top row: left, middle, right   Bottom row: left, middle, right

My misson for this weekend is to finally get my make-up storage sorted and get something crossed off my “To Do” list. The obligatory Muji order has been placed and was delivered this morning so it’s time to make merry with my label maker and whip my collection into super organised shape!

As any rational, sane person with only a teeny, tiny Pinterest addiction would do, I’ve obviously spent hours some time scouring the internet for inspiration. In the end I’ve gone for a combination of the Muji acrylic drawers to sit on top of my IKEA Malm dressing table for my everyday make-up essentials and have decided to shamelessly copy the method that the amazing Claire Marshall uses in her vanity for housing the rest of my collection. Continue reading “MAKE UP STORAGE INSPIRATION”