Benefit Ultra Plush Lipglosses

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss are a line of gloss shades inspired by Benefit’s popular Boxed Powders. I have three mini versions of these, two from the Benefit Beauty Advent Calendar and one from a Beauty Kit that I was given as a birthday present last year.

I didn’t expect to like these and thought the concept was a little gimicky but they’re actually fantastic lip glosses. I don’t really wear lipglosses generally, because long hair and lipgloss just isn’t a good combination, but the formula of these is perfect for me. It doesn’t feel at all sticky, is light-weight, moisturising and feels silky on the lips, more like a balm than a gloss, with an almost cushioning / plumping feel. The wear time is pretty decent for a gloss, but I guess the key words there are “for a gloss” – it’s obviously not going to be the most long lasting of lip products and will come off really quickly if you’re drinking or eating. Sensitive noses be warned, the Ultra Plush Lip Glosses are really scented – which some might find off putting. The scents are all quite sweet but I like them.

I have the shades Hoola, Dandelion and Sugarbomb and I really like them all. They all have a hint of shimmer but nothing too sparkly. If you like a highly pigmented gloss then this probably isn’t going to be for you, but if you want a subtle wash of colour for a natural look then these are gorgeous.

hoola dandelion sugarbomb lipgloss swatches
L-R: Hoola, Dandelion, Sugarbomb

Hoola (a bronze nude) and Dandelion (a soft, nude pink) aren’t very pigmented and give a fairly sheer wash of colour so work well for a natural, my lips but better look. Sugarbomb (a pinky mauve) has more pigmentation and leaves a more obvious tint on the lips.

Overall, I’m really liking these glosses at the moment and I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of them. For a daytime lip option they’re perfect and they look great layered over lipsticks for a stronger lip colour.

The full size lipgloss costs £14.50 and is 15ml in size (the mini’s that I have are 6.5ml).



    1. Thank you!
      Ditto re: starting out with lip glosses. I feel like I haven’t really worn them for a couple of years but I’m starting to get back into them now. Ax

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