I think almost every beauty brand out there has a buttery lip pencil nowadays and MAC is no exception with their Patent Polish Lip Pencils, which I have in the shade Clever and have been giving a test drive for the past couple of days. MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil in CleverClever is definitely one of those “my lips but better” shades and is a lovely nudey-pink – an easy on the go lip colour. It’s basically an easy to wear nude that is perfect for everyday wear. The packaging is also winner for me as it’s a twist up pencil, rather than one that requires sharpening.

On the lips it feels very comfortable, with a lovely buttery texture. It’s really moisturising, without feeling sticky, and has a slightest hint of vanilla scent. In an overcrowded market it’s hard to get overly excited about trying yet another lip crayon but what does set the Patent Polish Lip Pencils apart is just how nourishing the formula is. Over the years I’ve tried quite a lot of this type of chunky lip-balm pencils and this feels the most hydrating on the lips.

My first impression when I opened this and saw the round, almost stubby, lip crayon was this could be incredibly messy to apply, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem with the shade I have. However, I imagine with the deeper, more colourful shades it could be nigh on impossible to ensure a clean line. For a nude shade like Clever, however, the application is effortless and I’ve felt happy to reapply this when out and about without a mirror. MAC Patent Polish Lip Pencil in CleverWith a quick slick you get colour (which is buildable), shine and balm in one and for what this is, essentially a coloured lip balm, the wear time is actually pretty good. I probably got three or four hours out of it before I’d think about reapplying – so what’s not to like?

Honestly, just the price. I really do like this but £17.50 for a hydrating lip balm? It just feels excessively high. As much as I like the product I can’t see myself buying any other shades or re-purchasing because there are loads of products that would do a similar job. Honestly, I’d rather pay £8 for a Korres Lip Butter which feels very similar once applied and save almost £10 to go towards yet another MAC lipstick for my collection.

So, if you’ve got £17.50 spare and fancy trying the Patent Polish Lip Pencils out, then do. They are a lovely formula so I don’t think you’d be disappointed but if you’re trying to count the pennies then I’d say to save your money and opt for one of the many cheaper options out there.

MAC Patent Polish Lip Pencil is available here for £17.50.
EDIT – I’ve just spotted them online here for £14.50 so if you are wanting to try them, that’s an opportunity to save a couple of £’s.

Have you tried the Patent Polish Lip Pencils? What did you think?


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