Anyone who is a little bit makeup obsessed will have owned one or two MAC lipsticks in their makeup wearing lifetimes. I’m no exception. But I did come to MAC lipsticks kind of late in the day and, until Christmas 2013, didn’t own any, hadn’t tried any and wasn’t really that bothered – I’d had a pretty serious addiction to MAC’s Clear LipGlass when I was at uni but had never dived into the extensive, somewhat daunting selection of lipsticks they had on offer.

Then I received one as a Christmas gift and my obsession began. Some of you may own a couple of these beauties and be content, but I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I’m starting to become a bit of a hoarder when it comes to these. It may be time to send me to lipstick rehab because I think I have a problem.

I love reading MAC lipstick collection posts, it helps me get an idea of which shades I’d like to try next (plus I’m just super nosey!) so I decided it was time I shared my collection with swatches below. Here goes… 

My MAC Lipstick CollectionViva Glam Gaga 2 (Limited Edition) | Shade: Beige with Peach undertones | Finish: Amplified Creme
Gaga 2 is a beige with light brown and peachy undertones that I find a little tricky to work with. Depending on how tan or pale my skin is, at times it can look fantastic but other times it really washes me out. However, when it works it looks lovely and for a pale shade the wear time is surprisingly good.

Blankety | Shade: Soft Beige with Pink undertones | Finish: Amplified Creme
Blankety is perfect if you want to wear a neutral lip but don’t like very pale nude shades or find they wash you out. This is definitely a nude shade but the warm pink undertones make this a very wearable lipstick and I think it’d suit most skintones. This is probably my second favourite and most worn nude lipstick from MAC.

Lustering | Shade: Berry Pink | Finish: Lustre
This is what I’d call a proper girly pink. It’s got berry undertones and as it has some sheerness to it the colour can be built up if you want an intense look. Personally, I tend to just run a quick, light coat of this over the lips to give a slightly sheer, pinky glow to the lips. It’s not at all long wearing compared to my other MAC lipsticks but it gives a super pretty daytime lip.

Plumful | Shade: Berry Pink – Plum | Finish: Lustre
My absolute favourite MAC lipstick and definitely my most worn (in fact I’m close to running out so definitely need to pick up a replacement). It’s such a beautiful lipstick that is so incredibly easy to wear on a day to day basis throughout the year. I find that it provides enough colour without it being too much maintenance and, as it’s sheer to an extent, can be built up so works really well as a day-to-night lipstick. As the name suggests there is a definite plum tone to this lipstick but it’s not at all vampy; it’s just so easy to wear and incredibly flattering. If a full-on bright lip or a deep plum is a little out of your comfort zone then Plumful would be perfect for you.

Mehr | Shade: Dark rose pink | Finish: Matte 
On me this is such a similar shade to Plumful, just without those berry undertones. If I want a matte natural shade this is the one I reach for. It’s the kind of shade I think would look beautiful as wedding make-up. Although it’s a matte finish I don’t find it drying in the slightest,it’s slightly creamy, and a must have for my daytime makeup bag.

MAC Lipstick Swatches - Viva Glam Gaga 2, Blankety, Lustering, Plumful, Mehrfrom L-R: Viva Glam Gaga 2, Blankety, Lustering, Plumful, Mehr

Finally Free | Shade: Mid-tone Rose Pink | Finish: Cremesheen 
I reviewed this lipstick when I bought it here so I’ll be brief –  this is a beautiful shade that I really think would suit most people. It’s one of those “my lips but better” shades. It sits within the spectrum of shades that Mehr and Plumful are in. It’s a little rosier than Mehr with redder undertones.

Crosswires | Shade: Deep Pink-Coral | Finish: Cremesheen
Again, another shade that looks fab in the summer with a tan sitting somewhere between a deep, bold pink and coral. This isn’t something I’d reach for on a daily basis as it packs a serious punch of colour but is great on holiday and for summer nights out.

Vegas Volt | Shade: Coral | Finish: Amplified Creme 
This is one of my favourite colours to wear on holiday and in the summer if I want a bolder lip as it really compliments a tan. It’s a proper true coral shade that is easy to wear,  although one I steer clear of when my skin is paler.

Nice To Meet You (Limited Edition) | Shade: Deep Pink-Red | Finish: Cremesheen
This lipstick was from the Flamingo Park collection released earlier this year and is a deep, strawberry pink with red undertones. It’s a really lovely option if you don’t want to wear a true red lip but still want something that leans more red than pink.
MAC Lipstick Swatches: Finally Free, Crosswires, Vegas Volt, Nice To Meet You
from L-R: Finally Free, Crosswires, Vegas Volt, Nice To Meet You

So there it is, my MAC lipstick collection. All of the standard MAC Lipsticks cost £15.50 and can be bought here.

Do you have any personal favourites from MAC?


    1. Oh, I love them! Definitely my go-to lipsticks. They’re such good quality – apply really smoothly, don’t dry your lips out and have pretty decent wear times. You can sometimes find the odd shade that doesn’t seem to quite match up, either on pigmentation or wear time, but generally they’re pretty fantastic! x

      1. Thanks! I’ve always been a bit speculative about them, but I keep hearing good things from people 🙂 x

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