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I’ve had Netflix for a few years but it’s fair to say I wasn’t it’s biggest fan. Nothing new ever seemed to catch my eye and my recommendations just seemed like an endless repetition of the same stuff. I tended it use it more to watch old favourites and didn’t find myself watching anything worth talking about. But lately, I feel like I’ve found some gems that I’ve absolutely loved (admittedly I’m VERY late to the party on some of these). Here are some of my must watch shows, films and documentaries… 

The Letdown

This Australian comedy is pure gold. A way more realistic representation of being a new parent than anything I’ve seen before. Each episode follows the story of the main characters Audrey and Jeremy, whilst telling us the back story of one of the other new parents at Audrey’s mother and baby group. It’s smart, funny and totally endearing. There’s only one season so far, but I’m crossing my fingers they’ll be back with a second soon!

The Good Place

Eleanor, played by the brilliant Kristen Bell, dies and when she ends up in a heavenly paradise reserved exclusively for the kindest, most ethical people that lived she realises there’s been a case of mistaken identity. Binge watch this. Binge watch this, now!
(the plot twist at the end of season 1 is amazing, and if you haven’t watched it yet then you’re lucky you don’t have to wait for Season 2 to be released because I had to and the wait felt endless!)

The Crown

I was convinced I wouldn’t enjoy The Crown and that it would just be sensationalist fluff but it’s one of the best things I’ve watched in a long time. From the stunning set design to the amazing score this is one I wish I’d watched earlier.

Grace and Frankie

Just to confirm that I’m definitely behind on this whole Netflix thing, I recently discovered Grace and Frankie (it’s in its 4th season now!) and it’s throughly brilliant. An amazing cast, heart warming and hilarious.

Stranger than Fiction

A much more low key Will Ferrell than I’ve seen before in this film that manages to be comedy, drama and tragedy. He stars as a man who’s about to be killed by a novelist’s in her latest work. He can hear her narrating voice and what she’s saying doesn’t bode well for him at all. Smart, funny, touching and well worth a watch.

White Right Meeting The Enemy

This documentary isn’t an easy watch but something I think everybody should see. It’s easy to kid yourself that White Supremacists, Nationalists or the KKK aren’t really posing a threat but they are and they are terrifying. Kudos to director Deeyah Khan, who tries to get behind the rhetoric of people in the far right. It’s hard to watch, but so, so necessary in the current climate in the Western world today.

I’d love to hear of anything on Netflix you’d recommend watching, in the comments!

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