In Flight Beauty Routine

So many in-flight beauty routines seem super long and, if I’m being honest, completely OTT.

Taking care of your skin in flight is one thing but carrying out a full skin care routine? To me, that seems kind of inconsiderate to whoever gets stuck sitting next to you – for me there’s nothing worse that being sat next to someone who fidgets around for hours on a flight.


Maybe if you’re flying in first and have masses of room or you’re travelling with someone you know won’t mind your endless moving around from one lotion and potion to the next throughout the flight this isn’t a problem but, for most of us in the real world, a cramped airplane seat really isn’t the place for a full on pamper session.

That being said, I do like to take a few steps to try to minimise the damage of long haul flights on my skin. So here’s my realistic in-flight beauty routine.  Continue reading “A REALISTIC IN-FLIGHT BEAUTY ROUTINE”


travel bucket list.jpgSo… I guess I could get into a super long explanation of why I haven’t been posting since May but, honestly, that’s just a tale of woe and misery that nobody wants to hear and I really don’t feel ready to put fingers to keyboard about. Instead, let’s jump back into a Friday Five. Because nothing cheers me up like thinking about holidays…

I’ve always been the kind of person that gets thoroughly over-excited at the promise of snow so, when this time of year rolls around, I can’t help but day dream of taking a short break to somewhere that looks like an idyllic Christmas card scene. Here’s what makes the top five for my dream winter vacation…

Bored Panda

Lapland, Finland
Surely Lapland is on everyone’s snowy dream vacation list? As a self confessed Christmas addict the thought of visiting Lapland definitely takes the number one spot for me. And you’d best believe I’d want to stay in one of those incredible glass igloos… Continue reading “FRIDAY FIVE: TRAVEL BUCKET LIST | WINTER EDITION”


5 Tips for Stress Free Air Travel

The last thing you want when travelling is to start your trip super stressed out at the airport. Over the years I’ve nailed down my pre-travel and airport routines so that I never feel rushed, uncomfortable or worrying that I’ve left something essential behind.

Want to know how to glide through the airport, without breaking a sweat and in general, enjoy the act of travelling — the actual getting from A to B — a bit more? Well, read on for my five essential tips for stress free air travel.  Continue reading “FRIDAY FIVE: TIPS FOR STRESS FREE TRAVEL”