As the nights are starting to get darker and we move that little bit closer towards full-on Winter is Coming territory, I’ve got back into the habit of evening baths before bed. This week I’ve hunted around Etsy for a few treats for some at home evening pampering sessions; just add a good book and a glass of wine…

Etsy At Home Spa Pamper Session Picks

  1. Kimono Dressing Gown by VerryKerry, £109 here
    If I’m going to pamper myself, I want something beautiful to put on afterwards. Made from pure cotton, this kimono is a stunner and there are more designs available. This is going to be making it’s way onto my Wish List.
  2. Wooden Bath Caddy by  BousUK, £40 here
    How are you going to balance your wine and book without a bath caddy people? You need one in your life. I love mixing in natural wood finishes in a bathroom to keep things from feeling too stark, this bath caddy is made from reclaimed pallets and has such rustic charm. Also, it’s made in my home town so it gets an extra thumbs up for that!
  3. Eucalyptus, Lemon & Cedarwood Candle by WildheartOrganics, £8.95 here
    Every good pamper session needs a candle and I’m definitely going to order myself one of these. I love this combination of scents, but there are others to choose from on their Etsy site if this doesn’t float your boat. The apothecary style jar adds a little something to this vegan soy candle that has 40 hours clean burn time.
  4. Scented Lavender Neck Cushion by FingerPrickingGood, £15 here
    As someone who loses track of time and finds herself spending hours in the bath, I’m always attempting to make myself more comfy by shoving towels under my head whilst having a soak. Filled with Yorkshire lavender to aid relaxation this is another item jumping onto my Etsy shopping list.
  5. Organic Soothing Muscle Rub by WhiskeyRunCo, £10.65 here
    My only non UK based pick, this organic, vegan muscle rub just sounds so tempting to help get rid of the days aches and pains. They have great reviews on Etsy and have a range of balms / skincare items on their Etsy page.

What are your must have items for a home pamper session?


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