Another weekend, another adventure in IKEA. As always I went for one thing and left with a bag full of goodies… IKEA HaulTop row:
RIBBA 40x50cm frame in oak effect, £7. Coming soon to a laundry room near you me.
PLUGGIS waste bin, £10. I’m going to use this to store all my lunchbox / tupperware type items in the hope I’ll no longer risk getting concussed every time I open that cupboard.
TILLSLUTA dry food containers, £5. For storing dry food. Obvs.

Middle row:
POKAL glasses, £0.50. Love these. Chunky and seem to have a certain ‘bounce-ability’ when you drop them on the floor…
FAGLEBODA handles in brass, £6. Actually bought two packs of these for an IKEA hack I’m planning on doing. Eventually…
FANTASTISK paper napkins, £1.25 & £0.70. Regular napkins and cocktail napkins. Because I’m messy.
DINERA bowls in grey-blue, £2 and £1.30. I bought two of each of these and, not gonna lie, it’s pretty much just because they’ll look pretty on the open shelving in my kitchen.

Bottom row:
OREHAMN bath caddy, £3. After Friday’s post about at-home pamper sessions featuring a bath caddy I couldn’t resist picking up this one, on sale for £3. Bargain!
SINNLIG scented candle, £2.50. Now I have no idea what this scent is, IKEA call it “calming spa” but I really like it. It’s the grey one, if that helps anyone work it out!
SINNERLIG bottles, £6 & £4.50. All the heart eyed emojis for the new SINNERLIG range, designed by Ilse Crawford. The plan is to use these bottles for spirits when I actually get around to creating myself a little bar cart area.

Not pictured:
KNAGGLIG boxes, £9. I bought another three of these. I use them everywhere and raved about them in my Ikea Must Have’s Under £10 post.

What have you been picking up in Ikea recently?

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