Alternative post title: “So I went on a cushion purchasing spree…”

Two of these I bought a while back and the other three I ordered last week. They’re all gorgeous and I was really impressed with both the quality and the speedy international shipping (from the US and from Thailand). Soon to be making my seating areas all-round more stylish places to sit! Once I actually get around to ordering pillow forms in the right size…Five New Cushions

  1. Navy & Cream Ikat Stripes pillow by Pillomatic, from £13.30 here
  2. Vintage Hmong lumbar pillow by orientaltribe11, similar designs here
  3. Green Banana Leaf pillow, by Pillomatic, from £11.97 here
  4. Indigo Hmong lumbar pillow by Pillomatic, £19.95 here
  5. Vintage Hmong lumbar pillow by orientaltribe11, similar designs here

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