Floor Plan changes

Hopefully this makes a little bit more sense of the floor plan changes I mentioned in my House Project List post.

The previous owners actually used the conservatory as a dining room and had a casual seating area with a sofa and TV in the dining area. I guess it worked well for how they lived but it doesn’t really make sense for me. The conservatory is quite large so, as I talked about previously, the plan is to use that as a more informal area for relaxing and watching TV and then keeping the front living room as a more quite space for reading, listening to music, playing the piano etc, etc.

As you can see I’m planning three main changes, the first being to take out a large built in cupboard in the study that currently houses the washing machine and dryer and add in a wall to divide this room in two, also removing and opening up a doorway. The current layout really limits how you can use this room as you basically have to leave a “corridor” between the door from the hallway to the door leading to the downstairs loo and kitchen. This means that loads of space is wasted in this room so the plan is to create two rooms from this; a small laundry, pantry, utility room at the back and a study at the front.

The second change is to add in a partial wall / divider in the current kitchen and dining area. I like open plan living but I’d just prefer a little bit more of a distinction between the two spaces and hopefully this will achieve that. Doing this does require taking out a pantry style, full-length kitchen cabinet but this doesn’t worry me as the kitchen is a really good size with lots of storage so I’d rather sacrifice a cabinet and be able to delineate the space more clearly.

The final change is to take down part of the wall between the living room and what will be the dining room. I plan on adding in a wall of bookshelves on the living room side along with some kind of sliding / pocket door so that the living room can be closed off from the rest of the house (all part of my plan to have a nice, quite space in the house).

Work is actually underway as I type this which is super exciting! Once the floor plan changes have been completed I can really crack on with all the other updates I want to do.

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