If you’re visiting for the first time then, welcome! Here are the links to Week One, Week TwoWeek Three and Week Four.

With one week remaining I’m a combination of thrilled with how far this room has come and slightly panicing that I’ll never get it all finished.

My main aim for this week was to get the new light fitting up and have the doors between the dining and living rooms in place, which hasn’t been finished but a decent amount of progress has at least been made on them.

I knew I wanted pocket doors but had no way of adding them so decided to cheat a little to get the look. On the living room side of the wall which divides the two rooms the plan has always been to add a full wall of bookcases so I’m going to attach doors that will slide behind those bookcases, giving the look of pocket doors. After spending a fair amount of time looking at doors and debating solid vs glass panelled doors I spotted this image on Pinterest, which quickly became my inspiration for the door project.

Sliding doors inspiration


I bought two of these shaker style doors, two Slik sliding door kits, these brass recessed door handles and these edge pulls.

DIY Sliding Doors - what you needAs always, things became more complicated than I initially thought. The doors I bought turned out to be slightly too short to fully cover the gap, I suspect I probably messed up and gave an incorrect measurement to the guys who did the work rather than anything they did but honestly, I can’t really remember and it isn’t a huge problem in the grand scheme of things.

It does mean that fair bit of time has therefore been spent on hacking the doors the fit the space – no tutorial for this, it basically involved attaching bits of wood to the bottom of the door frame to bring it to the correct height and then epic amounts of wood filler / caulk plus primer and paint to make the whole thing look seamless. Not ideal but *fingers crossed* it seems to have worked out fine in the end.

Chiselling out the spaces for the recessed door handles and edge pulls was also pretty time consuming. If you’re far more experienced than I am at DIY then it might be an easier process but complete paranoia that I was about to destroy a £100 door meant that chilselling out the wood was a slow and steady process. Still, the handles and edge pulls are now on, the doors are painted and hopefully they’re get hung this weekend without too much drama – I’m kind of ignoring of the instructions for hanging the doors and adapting them to fit with the specifics of my space.  Seriously, just picture me grimacing and wielding a drill – that’s ALL that’s going to be happening this weekend.

In more positive DIY news, changing out the old light fittings, which can be glimpsed in this picture before any work started, was a breeze.

I ordered the Nook pendant light from and it is gorgeous. Paired with one of these Edison style light bulbs I’m loving how it looks in the room. It truly is one of those “pictures don’t do it justice” pieces. I still need to do a little more patching on the ceiling where it’s not completely level but I can live with that as is for now. One week left and here’s what’s left to do:


  • New flooring
  • Paint newly plastered walls
  • Paint final colour on walls
  • New coving / crown molding
  • Cut skirting / base boards
  • Attach and paint skirting / base boards
  • DIY fauxdenza
  • Attach handles to doors
  • Fit rail for doors
  • Hang sliding doors between living and dining rooms
  • Stain dining table top
  • Bring in furniture
  • Replace light fixture
  • Decorate (rug, artwork etc)

See you next week for the reveal!

You can check on the progress of the other guest participations over on Calling it Home.


  1. Happy to see bloggers from this part of the ocean (I mean Europe obviously!) taking part in the ORC!
    Love what you did so far and reading your post about those DIY sliding doors made me smile because it reminded me of so many projects I made that seemed to be easy (in my girl’s DIYer mind) but that ended being so complicated and time consuming…
    Anyway, one more week to work hard for this room and it will be over 😉
    I look forward to see the big reveal!

  2. Amy I adore the lighting! I can’t wait for the reveal! I love the direction the space is going in. As a fellow ORC participant it’s been wonderful to gather some fantastic inspiration. I’d love for you to share your progress at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Our readers would love to see it. The gathering is at

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