Well, I could go into a rambling introduction about why I’ve not posted in so long but that’s terribly boring so, let’s just jump back into it with a review of NIOD’s Photography Fluid.

NIOD Photography Fluid

Marketed as a serum, it promises to “combine light refraction prisms with topical photo-finishing technologies to transform skin to look instantly better in life and on camera”. Science. Which I sucked at at school, but the official explanation of what that actually means and how it works goes something like this:

Photography Fluid uses Nano-Prismatic Yellow-Red Hue Corrector to minimise the appearance of imperfections and leaves skin with an even tone combined with their patented Dragon Fruit Chromatic Refractor,a bio-fruit complex, which boosts the skin’s radiance, whilst a super-blurring suspension improves the surface and visibly reduces fine lines and pores.

If that all makes sense to you then I’m impressed and wish you’d been sat next to me in those science lessons so I could have copied off you.

In terms that I understand, I’ve been using this for several months now as a primer. It definitely works at providing a blurring effect on visible pores (I don’t really have any lines so I can’t comment on that) and generally gives the impression of increased radiance, providing that magic “glow” we all seem to be looking for. My make-up applies really well over it and just looks that bit lighter and fresher.

I’ve also opted to not use this as a full face primer and instead mixed a little with under-eye concealer to really brighten up that area and add luminosity. It works fantastically well and every time I’ve done this I’ve had people comment on how “well” I look. I definitely think using it in this way makes you look a bit perkier.

The product design is gorgeous – very apothecary in style – however, as I think every review I have read of this has said, the product itself is way too thick for a pipette style dispenser and it’s just not the most practical design for dispensing the product. It can be messy and I find I end up wasting quite a lot of product. I think a standard tube design would work much better and be far, far less messy. However, despite that, I would definitely re-purchase this when it runs out because it really is a fantastic product.

As mentioned, I only use this as a primer, or mixed with foundation to add extra luminosity, I do not think of it as a serum in respect of any skin care benefits it may have as by the time I use this within my routine I have already used my regular serum, eye cream and moisturiser.

Priced at £20, this product is really good value for money. You get 30ml which, despite the fact that I seem to waste an awful lot of product as so much comes out on the pipette, seems to last forever. All in all, this is a great product that definitely helps give the impression of brighter, fresher, more flawless skin.

NIOD Photography Fluid, £20.00, available from Look Fantastic



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