It seems to have become some kind of super uncool thing to say you love autumn now (or Fall for those of you on the other side of the Atlantic…), with accusations thrown around that adoring this time of year makes you a pumpkin spice latte loving #basicbitch. Eff that.

I love autumn. I always have, always will. Partly because of all that ‘The Beauty of Nature’ stuff that goes on, partly because this time of year just fits in better with my own person style preferences. Cosy knits, leather boots, scarves galore. Autumn is the BEST and if that makes me a #basicbitch then so be it.

Here are some of the pins I’ve been crushing on recently that sum up my autumn style essentials…


Autumn Style: Plaid ScarvesImage credit: left, right

Plaid, check, whatever you call it – I love a good check scarf and can’t wait to bring mine out for an airing now autumn has arrived.


Autumn Style: HatsImage credit: left, right

In my head, I see myself as a hat wearer. In reality, not so much. This autumn is when I’m going to change that! I love this style of hat and my super talented sister in law actually designs her own line of hats so I feel like it’s time I take advantage of that!


Autumn Style: Duffel CoatsImage credit: left, right

There’s just something about duffel coats that I love for autumn – and not just because they make me feel about six years old! They’re cozy, cute and the hood is an added bonus for me. British weather is ridiculous and I constantly forget to carry an umbrella so a duffel coat at least gives me a chance of not ending up with completely soaked hair after autumn downpours.

What are your autumn style favourites?


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