Spring Clean Your Beauty Stash

As the clocks went forward this weekend I decided this was the prime time to stop procrastinating and jump into some spring cleaning action. Yesterday I tackled my beauty collection because, tragically, the lotions and potions residing in our makeup and skincare stashes don’t last forever, and this was as good a time as any to give my beauty stash a thorough spring clean!

As a general rule if I’m trying to clean, de-clutter and organise any space I like to try to take everything out of it’s place and give the entire space a good clean so I removed everything from my drawers and on top of my dressing table and gave the entire space a thorough wipe down. I tend to use something like Dettol wipes for this because it’s just so much easier then running back and forth to the bathroom to rinse out a cleaning cloth. I also clean all of my containers, dividers and brush holders. Continue reading “HOW TO SPRING CLEAN YOUR BEAUTY STASH”


Packing 101: How Not To Overpack

I used to be the queen of over-packing. I was the girl at the airport with two suitcases jammed full. I used to think nothing of packing enough shoes so I had a different pair for each outfit, each day. Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore – after years and years of chronic over-packing,  I’m now one of those dreadful smug people who always seems to manage to take just the right amount of stuff away with her.

I realise this is one of those subjective things – what I consider the perfect amount for a holiday would also be excessive to some and horribly minimal to others so this isn’t a prescriptive list of what you SHOULD take on holiday. More some general tips that I always use to make sure I don’t end up lugging a bunch of stuff halfway round the world that doesn’t actually get used.  Continue reading “PACKING 101: HOW NOT TO OVERPACK”