DIY Tools

I’ve always enjoyed reading blogs, going back to the days when I had a LiveJournal account to share my every.tiny.little.thought with the world*.

*Probably just my mum…

Nowadays I’m more likely to be following design, DIY and beauty blogs on BlogLovin’; making my morning commute that much more enjoyable, plus enabling me to practice that great British tradition of never making eye contact with other people on public transport.

When I moved into a new house in need of more than a few updates, some cosmetic, some a little more full-on, this seemed the perfect time to start my own blog, if only so my mother can keep tabs on me in new and exciting ways!

So this little corner of the internet will be where I document my interior design and decorating adventures along with chatting about beauty, style, travel, cooking and whatever else is taking over my life that week.  As the ultimate procrastinator, surely some kind of online DIY diary will actually make me tackle that ever expanding ‘To Do’ list rather than spending hours pinning those perfect “inspiration” pictures on Pinterest?!

Let the blogging begin!

You can stay updated by following me on Twitter @boboandmimi, Instagram @boboandmimi and Facebook.

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