• Breakfast
    I used to be terrible about skipping breakfast but I’m trying to get into the habit of having something in the morning. This morning I had two crumpets with Flora Light and a glass of water.
  • Mid-morning snack
    I try to always have fruit and/or yoghurt mid-morning. If I’m at home I’m more likely to have some berries with yoghurt but if I’m out and about then I’ll just take a couple of pieces of fruit with me. Today I had a banana and a satsuma.#WIAW 2
  • Lunch
    Lunch varies massively for me depending on what I’m doing / where I am. Today I had a pretty substantial lunch of a jacket potatoe (with Flora Light), two slices of ham and some lettuce and cucumber salad with water to drink. I also had a Petit Filous yoghurt – yes, I know they’re for kids but I love them.#WIAW 3
  • Mid-afternoon snack
    Or as I like to call it The Snack That Should Not Have Happened. It’s not my fault, I’m weak and someone brought treats in! Cornflake Crispy with Smarties. So delicious, I can’t even feel guilty about it.
  • Dinner
    Prawn stir fry. King prawns, baby sweetcorn, mange tout, rice noodles and sweet chilli sauce. Pretty healthy, but not pictured are the two glasses of wine I had with it!

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