I popped to IKEA for “just one thing” yesterday. That didn’t end well…

new IKEA haul

  1. SOMMAR 2016 cushion covers, £6 here and here and VIGDIS cushion cover, £6 here
    These three are currently cosied up together in the corner of my sofa and look fantastic.
  2. FRASERA whiskey glass, £1.50 here.
    These glasses are awesome. They’re really weighty and definitely look and feel much more expensive than they are.
  3. VARDAGEN napkins, £2.50 here
    I’m obsessed with these. I might invite people over for dinner just so I can show them off.
  4. DINERA 18 piece dinner service in grey-blue, £20 here.
    I love the colour of these and they go so well with the colour scheme I’ve picked for my dining room (which is definitely making progress now so I must do an update on that!)
  5. KNAGGLIG boxes, £5 here.
    I use these all over the house for storage and raved about them in my Ikea Must Have’s Under £10 post.

As my IKEA addiction shows no signs of abating, any recommendations for my next shopping spree?!


  1. I always heading to IKEA to stock up on all those candles but I just can’t wait until I get my own place to start shopping for interiors. I love those picks for the cushions, reminds me that I haven’t been in while. 🙂

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