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It’s fauxdenza time people! I knew I wanted to include a fauxdenza in the dining room when I first started thinking about how I wanted the room to look when. They’re supremely practical from a storage point of view (I plan to store wine glasses, cocktail making equipment, napkins and the likes in mine) without taking up too much space and keeping things feeling airy by being up off the floor. Continue reading “ONE ROOM CHALLENGE | WEEK FOUR: DIY FAUXDENZA”


I popped to IKEA for “just one thing” yesterday. That didn’t end well…

new IKEA haul

  1. SOMMAR 2016 cushion covers, £6 here and here and VIGDIS cushion cover, £6 here
    These three are currently cosied up together in the corner of my sofa and look fantastic.
  2. FRASERA whiskey glass, £1.50 here.
    These glasses are awesome. They’re really weighty and definitely look and feel much more expensive than they are.
  3. VARDAGEN napkins, £2.50 here
    I’m obsessed with these. I might invite people over for dinner just so I can show them off.
  4. DINERA 18 piece dinner service in grey-blue, £20 here.
    I love the colour of these and they go so well with the colour scheme I’ve picked for my dining room (which is definitely making progress now so I must do an update on that!)
  5. KNAGGLIG boxes, £5 here.
    I use these all over the house for storage and raved about them in my Ikea Must Have’s Under £10 post.

As my IKEA addiction shows no signs of abating, any recommendations for my next shopping spree?!


Another weekend, another adventure in IKEA. As always I went for one thing and left with a bag full of goodies… IKEA HaulTop row:
RIBBA 40x50cm frame in oak effect, £7. Coming soon to a laundry room near you me.
PLUGGIS waste bin, £10. I’m going to use this to store all my lunchbox / tupperware type items in the hope I’ll no longer risk getting concussed every time I open that cupboard.
TILLSLUTA dry food containers, £5. For storing dry food. Obvs.

Middle row:
POKAL glasses, £0.50. Love these. Chunky and seem to have a certain ‘bounce-ability’ when you drop them on the floor…
FAGLEBODA handles in brass, £6. Actually bought two packs of these for an IKEA hack I’m planning on doing. Eventually…
FANTASTISK paper napkins, £1.25 & £0.70. Regular napkins and cocktail napkins. Because I’m messy.
DINERA bowls in grey-blue, £2 and £1.30. I bought two of each of these and, not gonna lie, it’s pretty much just because they’ll look pretty on the open shelving in my kitchen.

Bottom row:
OREHAMN bath caddy, £3. After Friday’s post about at-home pamper sessions featuring a bath caddy I couldn’t resist picking up this one, on sale for £3. Bargain!
SINNLIG scented candle, £2.50. Now I have no idea what this scent is, IKEA call it “calming spa” but I really like it. It’s the grey one, if that helps anyone work it out!
SINNERLIG bottles, £6 & £4.50. All the heart eyed emojis for the new SINNERLIG range, designed by Ilse Crawford. The plan is to use these bottles for spirits when I actually get around to creating myself a little bar cart area.

Not pictured:
KNAGGLIG boxes, £9. I bought another three of these. I use them everywhere and raved about them in my Ikea Must Have’s Under £10 post.

What have you been picking up in Ikea recently?