Everyone loves a bar cart, right?! Whilst I might not have room for dedicated bar cart, I’m planning on squeezing in a bar cart-esque tray on the DIY fauxdenza I’m putting in the dining room.

Here are five of the bar cart essential tools and accessories I’m adding to my “Must Buy” list…

Barcart essentials: cocktails shaker, bottle opener, stirring spoon, muddler, gold striped straws

  1. Urban Bar Gold Boston Can cocktail shaker, £14.52 from LoveTiki
  2. Hay cap bottle opener, £9 from
  3. Urban Bar Gold Teardrop Stirring Spoon, £12.41 from LoveTiki
  4. Wooden muddler, £2.79 from
  5. Gold striped straws, £2.95 from Rockett St George.

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