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This is one of those weeks where you feel like zero progress has been made. In reality, I know that I have done some things that will help towards getting a finished room by the 11th May (hopefully…still keeping my fingers crossed on that one!) but, truthfully, the room looks pretty much exactly the same as it did last week and that feels a little… deflating?

When we left off last week I’d completed the bookcase wall – which I adore – and had an electrician round changing the ceiling lighting from two oddly placed fixtures to one centered on the fireplace (also adding in some plug sockets on a wall that had none). I’m completely smitten with the light fitting I picked for the living room…Living Room Ceiling Lighting from

I don’t really use overhead lights so it’s a purely decorative thing for me. I’m 100% a ‘side lights only in the evening’ girl. I opted for’s Hue pendant shade in white clay and I’m in love. The copper inside is stunning and, at £29, it’s ridiculously cheap for how beautiful it looks. Paired with their Fuse drop cap pendent in copper it’s simple but still a little bit special.

However, the ceiling now looks like this. *ALL THE HORROR FACE EMOJIS*. ceiling damage

I spent two days ringing around frantically trying to find a plasterer who was free at any point over the next few weeks and the only person I could find can come on the 2nd May. Which feels frighteningly close to the deadline. I feel like it will be a case of crossing my fingers and hoping for the best that the plaster dries sufficiently for painting before the final reveal. I’d hoped that the ceiling might just require a bit of a patching job (meaning less plaster to dry or even meaning I could just cut those bits out of pictures) but honestly, the ceiling is in ropey shape and really does need to be fully skimmed so… that’s where I’m at.

I feel like it seems pointless to paint the walls until the ceiling and coving has been done – but is it? At this point I honestly don’t know – part of me thinks could I just paint them and hope that they don’t get totally marked during plastering and coving? The sensible side of me thinks I should just wait and do all the painting once the messy work has been done but the ‘I want to get this finished by the 11th May’ part of me is thinking if I wait that not only means a LOT of painting in the final week but also things like installing the picture ledge will also have to wait and…that seems like a lot of work for one week when I only really have evenings to spend on this project. Aaaargh. Too.Many.Decisions.

My other Dilemma of the Week is the fireplace. It’s not a standard size opening so buying something pre-made is pretty much ruled out. I’ve looked all over and can’t find anything which leaves me with either just installing something like a wooden beam over the fire (something like those below), which isn’t what I really wanted, or attempting to build a surround ourselves, which feels a bit daunting. Again, Too.Many.Decisions.

In slightly more positive news I’ve ordered a custom-sized frame for a beautiful Lola Donoghue print that I bought, picked up an amazing 1960’s telephone table on eBay for £20 which is just ripe for some TLC and a recovering job and have, I think, finally decided on what I’d like to have as a coffee table. That decision was basically that nothing existed that fit the ridiculously precise image in my mind so I’m probably going to be making a coffee table as well. Why I keep coming back to “so I’ll just have to make something myself” as the solution to all my interior design problems baffles me. I am no master craftsman! Oh, to be normal and just run to IKEA to pick up a coffee table.

So…wish me luck. I’ll need it! The now heavily revised To Do list is looking like this…


  • Electrician to change ceiling lights from two fittings to one
  • Fit new ceiling light fitting
  • Plasterer to skim coat ceiling
  • Build bookcase wall
  • New coving / crown molding
  • Beef up baseboards / skirting boards (although this will probably have to wait)
  • Paint walls
  • Paint door
  • Paint baseboards / skirting boards
  • Decide on fire surround / mantlepiece
  • Build picture ledge behind sofa (as per Chris & Julia’s)
  • Reupholster / refinish vintage telephone table
  • Build coffee table
  • Bring in furniture
  • Replace window blinds (budget permitting!)
  • Decorate (cushions, artwork, rug etc)

See you next week…

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