Over the years there has been many an ‘It’ Bag that I’ve fallen in love with and coveted but perhaps none quite so much as the current favourite of wooden / straw bags. Woven totes, wooden basket bag, straw clutches… there’s a bag for every occasion with this trend.

Cult GaiaCult Gaia Ark bag, £135 available here.

I’ve been lusting over the Cult Gaia Ark bag but in absolutely no way could I justify spending THAT much on a bag that, however much I adore the style, I figured would only be used a handful of times.

Fortunately, I did find a pretty much identical dupe for about a third of the price from Very to add to my birthday list. Not gonna lie – I had really low expectations of the bag and was pretty much convinced that it would be poor quality and I’d end up returning it but it’s absolutely gorgeous, really lovely quality and I absolutely adore it!

Read on to see the bamboo bag I added to my birthday wish list and four more favourites at a much more affordable price point…  Continue reading “FRIDAY FIVE: THE NEW ‘IT’ BAG”


(or, How I Trashed My Skin In Four Months)


I’ve spoken at length about my skin woes. Towards the end of last year I was getting to a point where I felt I could see a noticeable improvement which seemed to be lasting and I was feeling so happy about that.

Fast forward to today and… well, let’s just insert ALL the horror face emojis shall we? My skin is currently dreadful, close to the worst it’s ever been and I have absolutely nothing and nobody to blame but myself.  Continue reading “WHY YOU SHOULD DOUBLE CLEANSE”


Jo Malone fragrances have been my go-to for quite a few years now. I adore them and have developed quite the collection. From the one that started it all and my constant repurchase – English Pear & Freesia, to my most recent addition – Nectarine Blossom & Honey. If I had to stick to one branch for fragrance for the rest of my life it would, without hesitation, be Jo Malone – I really do think they do incredible fragrances.

The first time I ever went into a store I found the sheer selection available kind of overwhelming so, in an attempt to help narrow down the choices for any Jo Malone newbies out there or to inspire you to add a new fragrance to your collection here are my five favourite Jo Malone fragrances…

Top 5 Favourite Jo Malone Fragrances Continue reading “FRIDAY FIVE: FAVOURITE JO MALONE FRAGRANCES”


Free Printable Minimalist Calendars 2018One of my resolutions for 2018 was to be a little bit better organised with my own life admin. First stop, a month by month wall calendar that I can scribble down key dates and events on.

I’ve always been better at keeping track of things “old school” with pen and paper rather than electronically – here are six of the best minimal 2018 calendars I’ve come across that are available to download for free and print yourself. Continue reading “6 MINIMALIST 2018 CALENDARS TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE”